Epicbot Down

If you’re familiar with the game Runescape you might know about Epicbot. Essentially, Epicbot is a software script that allows you to cheat and automatically accomplish tasks in the game. It is against the game’s rules and can get you banned, but nonetheless tons of people use it.

Or should I say DID use it?

Epicbot is down and while we’re not sure the reason and it may just be temporary, the game’s users have been flooding search engines and message boards trying to answer that very question.

If you have any news to share about that please leave a line in the comments!

10 Responses to “Epicbot Down”

  1. Hank Hill says:

    Well, they just started up this program. They currently have to work out kinks to the system and occasionally take down their servers to add scripts or modify scripts. Just give it an hour to 4 hours. It normally will be up and running again.

    In the meantime, check out their support forums. Best of luck and remember, don’t drink and bot. Bot responsibly.

  2. Tyler says:

    Hey its currently down yes… But it should be up soon. This is because of updates and many other competitor sites trying to DDOS them.

  3. Patrick says:

    Well Hank, I am not quite sure. if you heard about rsbot.org (if you go to the webside you will see) the people from jagex warned rsbot to delte the webside or they will be called in to a court. so the jagex have controll of the webside now. It can be that they did the same to epicbot. i hope not

    and btw. “dont drink and bot. bot responsibly”? what was that? -.-

  4. Jake says:

    Patrick is stupid. Hurrrr.

  5. glitchabong says:

    epicbot is an epic fail cuz it stole all my valuable banked items and i have a bank pin too.

  6. Manly Man says:

    EPICBOT is down currently because we need to update server and changes before the official release date so everyone would be happy with the bot and so it doesn’t kick/lag out anyone in the near future. I hope this answer your questions
    ~EPICBOT Mod

  7. TehNoobShow says:


  8. Karl Coopers says:

    Epic bot, is hacked by TheFacedHackers… if u go to epicbot.com u can check it out…
    I hope it soon will be back up again…

    fuck that dirty hackers!

  9. Nick says:

    Dude Glitchabong, epicbot did not still your items. Shut the fuck up. They have 50k members and only 1 reported item lose? GTFO

  10. that is bullshit ep1cbot stole the items…
    if they can make a bot to runescape im sure they can make coins in runescape